LONDON, June 16 (Xinhua) -- President of Xinhua News Agency Fu Hua on Sunday met here with Stephen Perry, recipient of the China Reform Friendship Medal and honorary president of Britain's 48 Group Clubscratchroblox.

scratchroblox|Xinhua president meets honorary president of Britain's 48 Group Club

Over the years, the 48 Group Club has made great contributions to promoting China-Britain economic and trade exchanges, as well as cultural and people-to-people exchanges, said Fu, who leads a delegation in Britain.

Xinhua has always been committed to telling stories of China-Britain friendship well, especially those of the "icebreakers" who have been striving for the cause of China-Britain friendship from generation to generation, he said.

Xinhua has spared no effort to carry forward the "ice-breaking spirit" and worked closely with the 48 Group Club to play a positive role in promoting the stable development of China-Britain relations, he added.

Xinhua serves as an important window for the world to know China, and as an indispensable channel for the world to understand China's development, Perry said, adding that the 48 Group Club will continue its efforts to create more opportunities for trade between Britain and China.

In 1953, British entrepreneurs represented by Jack Perry, father of Stephen Perry, kicked off a business trip to China, breaking the ice of ideology with courage, and taking the lead in opening up the channel of China-Britain trade exchanges.